Emergency Dermal solutions

Emergency Dermal Solutions, LLC

Simplifying and Expediting Patient Care

Welcome to the landing page for Emergency Dermal Solutions, a novel medical device company with patent-pending technology to isolate and protect compromised flesh in the setting of burn and hazardous material exposure injuries.  Our devices are designed to protect both the patient and the provider equally.  Interventions that took minutes to execute can now take seconds.  Our Emergency Dermal Kit and its contents are designed to be panicking provider proof.  As we are currently involved in pre-market activities, this website is intentionally sparse.

Please contact our founder Stuart Buergler at sbuergler@edsmedtech.com for any company related inquiries.  Stuart is a 14 year firefighter/paramedic who combined his field experiences with his EMS educator and EMS supply procurement responsibilities to design superior devices with end-users in mind.